2020 Poems Installed

All 2020 exhibit winners have been placed on signs along the trails and in the parks! You can see all the locations via the map link on this page.

Don’t forget, our contest is always open. Submit your poems for 2021 by emailing them to contest@southernmnpoets.com until March 2nd.

See submission guidelines.

A final note from the curators of the exhibit: we feel deeply grateful to have a team that helps us build a better community, especially during this tough year for many people. And so, let us recognize the players as they all take a virtual bow …

  • Thank you to all our poets for their submissions!
  • Thank you to Mankato and North Mankato for devoting time and resources to maintain a vibrant art community we all share!
  • Thank you to Creative Ad Solutions and Jones Metal Products for their assistance and expertise in making the quality metal signs that keep looking great through the seasons!
  • Thank you to the Southern Minnesota Poets Society for their financial (and mental) support!

2020 Poems Selected

Congratulations to the poets selected to be featured in this year’s Mankato Poetry Walk & Ride exhibit.

  • Ed Brekke-Kramer
  • Deborah Goschy
  • David Solheim
  • Jennifer Jesseph
  • Linda White
  • Pam Whitefield
  • Jennifer Geisinger
  • Larkin Geisinger
  • Olivia Mettler
  • Brandon Clark
  • Richard Robbins
  • Holly Dodge
  • Heidi Magnuson
  • Laura Kozy Lanik

Our Contest is ALWAYS OPEN

Submit your poems by emailing them to contest@southernmnpoets.com anytime. Each year on March 2nd, all submitted poems are collected and are eligible for that year’s Poetry Walk contest.

See submission guidelines.

  • 2020 Poem boards installed October, 2020
  • 2019 Poem boards installed September, 2019
  • 2018 Poem boards installed October, 2018
  • 2017 Poem boards installed August, 2017
  • 2016 Poem boards installed October, 2016

See the Outdoor Art Map for the locations of all poem signs in Mankato and North Mankato. This map is updated as we install new signs each year.


Get visibility on trails and parks all around Mankato and North Mankato for three years!

Premium – large logo on all signs installed each year for two years. 15-20 signs installed each year (out of about 40 total signs). Cost is $1200 for all three years.

Your presence will be on the trails/parks for three years.

  • Half of the signs in year one
  • All of the signs in year two
  • Half of the signs in year three

Regular – smaller logo on all signs installed each year for two years. Same as above, this means your logo is on the trails/parks for 3 years. Cost: $600 for all three years.

Small business – smaller logo on all signs installed for one year. You will be on 15 to 20 signs, they usually remain up for two years each. Cost: $300

Individual – our thanks on social media and eternal gratitude for helping support the written arts in the Mankato area. Cost: whatever amount you are willing to send.

Contact us at contest@southernmnpoets.org for more information.