2017 Poems

Our 2017 submissions were selected by Michael Torres, a CantoMundo fellow born and raised in Pomona, California where he spent his adolescence as a graffiti artist. Torres’ work is forthcoming or has appeared in The Acentos Review, BOAAT, Forklift, Ohio, Huizache, Miramar, and Paper Darts among other journals. Torres is the recipient of a 2016 Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant. Currently he lives in Mankato, Minnesota where he teaches creative writing and co-hosts art workshops for at-risk and homeless youth at the Reach drop-­in center through Good Thunder Community Outreach.



  • 1st Place: The Myth Of January by Becky Liestman – Spring Lake Park, near dock: 44.1786,-94.0199
  • 2nd Place: To the River by Angie Mason – Kiwanis Recreation Area, dog park: 44.1991,-94.0200
  • 3rd Place: The Mercy Rule by Kathryn A. Cullen – Sibley Park South: 44.1592,-94.0302
  • Honorable Mention: Cornfield Memories by Audrey Kletscher Helbling – Spring Lake Park, near Tyler Ave.: 44.1778,-94.0178
  • Honorable Mention: Mama Would Say by Esther Hoffmann – Riverfront Park South, near play area: 44.1740,-94.0009
  • Of Poems by Amanda Bailey – Jaycee Park, Balcerzak near skate park: 44.1517,-93.9819
  • Getting Carried Away by Jana Bouma – Riverview Park: 44.1729,-94.0033
  • Ceremony Sandwiches by Ed Brekke-Kramer – Mankato Trail, W. 11th St, entrance to Red Jacket Trail: 44.1519,-94.0234
  • Lecture Once A Blue Moon by Meredith Cook – Blue Earth Park, W. Mankato, Blue Earth, and Owatonna Streets: 44.1557,-94.0212
  • The Foxes by Susan Coultrap-McQuin – Glenwood & Pohl: 44.1567,-93.9780
  • Spring Run by Debra Ann Fitzloff – Willard Parkway: 44.1581,-93.9883
  • Loon Calls by Christina M. Flaugher – Flood Wall Entrance, near depot: 44.1682,-94.0037
  • Red Jacket Trail by Marilyn (Mira) Frank – Weagel Park, Red Jacket Trail near 66 and Doc Jones Rd.:44.1379,-94.0290
  • Nyctophobia by Deborah Goschy – Lions Park North: 44.1491,-93.9811
  • Harmon by John Just, Jr. – Hiniker Park: 44.1849,-94.0178
  • In the Garden by Sue Kral – Sibley Park West, river side near picnic area: 44.1616,-94.0359
  • Kayak Knight by Derek Liebertz – Minneopa Trail, near Sibley Park/169 entrance: 44.1570,-94.0285
  • The Flower by Dylan Loring – Rasmussen Park: 44.1449,-94.0090
  • Divine by Tami Mohamed Brown – Riverfront Park North: 44.1781,-94.0010
  • Through a Glass Eye by Andrew Nye – Rex MacBeth River Trail, North Mankato side off Belgrade: 44.1700,-94.0040
  • Oral Surprise by Henry Panowitsch – Balcerzak Drive: 44.1510,-93.9727
  • Lorna in Motion by Lorna Pecard – Sibley Parkway Bridge: 44.1630,-94.0180
  • Singin’ in the Sleet by Dave Powers – Sibley Park Spur, river side near sledding hill: 44.1654,-94.0264
  • We arrive at the river by Selina Scheumann – North MN River Trail, past water treatment plant: 44.1827,-94.0029
  • A Harmony of Blackbirds by Susan Stevens Chambers – Peacepipe Park: 44.1619,-93.9542
  • WGO by Acacia Wytaske – Mankato Trail, W. 5th St. entrance: 44.1588,-94.0187