The Mankato Poetry Walk & Ride is a public art project that brings poetry to biking and walking trails throughout Mankato and North Mankato, Minnesota. New poems are selected on a yearly basis from work submitted by community members of all ages living within a 75 mile radius of Mankato. The poems are installed on individual signs (locations and map below) for the community to enjoy throughout the year. The project was originally conceptualized by Yvonne Cariveau and run by her for years, it was designed to inspire and encourage poets of all ages; provide public art in our communities; and encourage active, healthy living. The Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride is an initiative of the Southern Minnesota Poets Society (SMPS), a chapter of the League of Minnesota Poets.

Thank you to Audrey Kletscher Helbling for the bike image featured in our header, on our Facebook Page, and on our Instagram.

Click to see a map showing all outdoor public art in Mankato, including Mankato Poetry Walk & Ride signs.